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Cases of Injury Due to Anesthesia Errors in Tucson

Almost all types of surgery require anesthesia to be administered to a patient while they are undergoing a surgical procedure. When mistakes occur at the hands of an anesthesiologist, the associated injuries can be devastating and sometimes even result in death. Heart attacks, brain aneurisms, oxygen deficiency, lasting coma, anesthesia awareness (being awake during surgery), memory loss and stroke are a few of the injuries or conditions which can be caused by the medical malpractice of an anesthesiologist. In fact, statistics show that 1 in 200,000 to 300,000 patients die from anesthesia errors every year in the US. At Schmidt, Sethi, & Akmaijian we have a great deal of experience and expertise in handling cases that involve the anesthesia errors.

Complications in Cases of Anesthesia Errors in Tucson

Some of the most common reasons anesthesia errors occur are when healthcare providers fail to react to anesthesia-related complications, administer the wrong dose of anesthesia, utilize defective, faulty or old equipment, fail to intubate a patient properly, fail to monitor the patient's vital signs during and after surgery, and the prolongation of sedation for a dangerous amount of time. Collecting the evidence necessary to sustain a successful claim for damages in an anesthesia related medical malpractice claim is a tedious and time consuming process. Our experts can analyze your medical records and determine where things went wrong and create a strong case to recover the maximum amount of financial compensation you deserve for your unnecessary pain and suffering, lost wages and future medical expenses.

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