Inadequate Security: Premises Liability Attorney in Tucson

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Were you injured due to inadequate security on another's property?

If an individual is injured due to unsafe conditions while on property owned by another person or organization, the owner may be liable for those injuries. This is known as premises liability. Included in this is the issue of inadequate security causing or contributing to someone's injuries.

Inadequate security can lead to injuries in a variety of ways. One example could be a public restaurant where a fight ensues; someone is injured because the establishment did not have any or enough security personnel there to break it up. Another could be a store, located in a high-crime area, not having a heightened level of security. A customer who is attacked, robbed, and injured while on the property may have a claim. Yet another instance could be where a business did not have adequate locks, and an intruder gained access and harmed another person on the premises.

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