Our Victories

The AZ Injury Law team at Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian has won countless cases for our clients in our firm's 40+ years. We are capable of handling any kind of personal injury or accident claim, no matter how serious, complex, or complicated it may be.

Together, our team has recovered more than $150 million in damages and shares more than 120 years of combined legal experience. We have won some of the most prominent cases in Arizona history and have recovered record-setting sums for our clients. An impressive 98% of our cases end in a fair settlement, though we also have a strong record for successful trial verdicts as well. 


Our prominent case victories and major claims we've won include:


  • $15,000,000 Settlement - Spinal Cord/Paralysis Injury

    Dev Sethi and Ted Schmidt recently resolved a serious spinal cord injury case for $15,000,000. This settlement will allow our client to access important and necessary medical and comfort care that will improve the entire family's quality of life. We worked with excellent physicians and experts fr... Read On

  • Sexual Assault and Bullying at School

    Our client, an elementary school student in a Pima County school, was sexually assaulted and bullied by more than one student in their school. We uncovered evidence that school employees were aware of the problem. We resolved the case prior to filing a lawsuit and assisted the family through the ... Read On

  • $1,600,000 - Wrongful Death Settlement

    January 2020

    A driver turned left, striking and killing our client who was out for a morning bike ride. We represented the family and worked through several layers of insurance, ultimately resolving the case for the policy limits as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We then assisted in moving the case thr... Read On

  • $1,800,000 - Wrongful Death of 85 year old woman

    November 2018

    A driver inadvertently ran a red light controlling a mid-town Tucson intersection, causing a fiery, multi-car collision. We represented the adult children of an 85 year old woman who was killed in the crash.  The case was settled prior to filing a lawsuit, but after detailed investigation and ext... Read On

  • $1,000,000 - Injury in Short Term Rental

    September 2018

    Our client checked into a short term rental in Scottsdale.  His travelling party was in town for the auto auctions and Phoenix Open, and they had rented a large house in Scottsdale.  As he opened the closed door to a bedroom and stepped inside, he fell down a hidden set of steps.  The bedroom doo... Read On

  • School Bus Runs Red Light

    October 2018

    We have resolved a wrongful death case against Tucson Unified School District for a confidential amount.   Our client was walking through a marked crosswalk on a green "WALK" signal when a school bus driver ran the red light.  She was struck and killed.   You can learn more about the case here. Read On

  • Twin Girls Sexually Assaulted on Board a School Bus

    We recently resolved claims of sexual assault on board a public school bus.  Our clients were elementary school students enrolled in a Southern Arizona school.  A few weeks after the school year ended, they shared with their family the story of on-board sexual molestation.  The parents immediatel... Read On

  • Sexual Assault on Board a School Bus

    Our client was an elementary school student who was groomed and then sexually assaulted on board a school bus.  Our investigation -- aided by on board bus cameras -- revealed that the bus driver failed to recognize this abuse, and then failed to act appropriately. This case settled for a confide... Read On

  • Bike/City Bus Collision

    December 2017

    A city bus struck our client, a college student, as he rode his bike home from class. He suffered serious orthopedic injuries, as well as injuries to his abdomen and pelvis.  Injuries to his urethra left him with erectile dysfunction.  This case settled for $17,000,000.   Read On

  • Wrongful Death/Bike Crash: $5,200,000 settlement

    August 2017

    Our client was the widower of a 68 year old woman killed by an intoxicated driver.  She was on her bicycle, stopped in a bike lane when the driver, a construction worker on the job for Scott Roofing, crashed into her from behind.  Our investigation uncovered a culture of drug use and other bad ac... Read On

  • Motor Vehicle Collision: $1,350,000 settlement

    September 2017

    Daurnheim v. Little Our client was parked in her car, waiting to pull out of a parking lot, when she was T-boned by a driver who lost control of his vehicle at upwards of 50 miles an hour.  The driver claimed “sudden emergency” – that he lost control because of a surprise, unexpected medical eme... Read On

  • Motor Vehicle Collision: $575,000 settlement

    Our client was in a high speed car collision when the adverse driver blew a stop sign. She sufferred a hangmans fracture requiring surgery and a lengthy recovery. Though she was not wearing a seat belt at the time, this was a rare occassion where her injuries would have likely been worse had she... Read On

  • Wrongful Death: $800,000 settlement

    Doe v. Group Home Our client was the surviving mother of a seriously mentally ill woman who also struggled with drug addiction.  She lived in a group home.  On the day of her death, she told staff that she had taken some unknown quantity of an unknown drug.  She then slowly descended into letha... Read On

  • Negligence/Failure to Monitor: $500,000 settlement

    August 2017

    Minor Child v. Tucson Area School District Our client was a 6 year old boy on board a school bus.  The only other passenger was a 12 year old boy.  As the bus moved across Tucson, the older boy began the process of grooming and then sexually abusing our client.  The bus driver failed to stop the... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: Administering Medication Contrary to Package Insert

    March 2016

    Our clients were the family of a man that died following an adverse reaction to an intravenous iron medication.  The case centered on whether the medications black box warning was followed in providing the iron supplement to the patient.  The case resolved for a confidential amount.  Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: Failure to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolism

    July 2016

     Our clients were the family of a person that died from a pulmonary embolism.  In the two weeks prior to the patients death, he was repeatedly seen by his primary care doctor and a cardiologist for increasing shortness of breath.  The case centered on whether the primary care doctor and cardiolo... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: Beatty v. Oro Valley Hospital ($5 Million Judgment)

    Our client, a 45 year old former Marine and married father of two young boys, suffered paraplegia injuries after he fell approximately 20 feet from a bridge into a dark wash below. The fall occurred around 3:00am after Oro Valley Hospital medical staff administered morphine to the client in the E... Read On

  • Nursing Home Malpractice: Failure to Monitor Patient

    October 2016

    Our client was a nursing home patient whose blood sugar was allowed to get too low.  As a result, he stopped breathing and suffered severe brain damage.  The case centered on whether the nursing home failed recognize and act on the patients excessive sleepiness so to reverse his low blood sugar,... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: Delay in Diagnosis of Bowel Injury

    December 2016

    We represented a family of a patient who died after an abdominal surgery to remove scar tissue.  Likely as a result of the surgery, she suffered a perforation of her small intestine and ultimately passed away from an overwhelming infection of her blood stream.  The case centered on whether the su... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: Anesthesia Injury

    December 2016

    Our client suffered a severe injury during an intubation with a breathing tube.  The patient suffered massive blood loss as a result of the injury and nearly died.  She remained in a nursing home for five months, and needed a breathing tube for over a year.  The issues in the case where whether t... Read On

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