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Losing a loved one due to another person's negligence, mistakes or bad choices is one of the most traumatizing and emotional experiences a person can go through. No amount of money can ever compensate for your loved one's death, but you still deserve to hold the liable party responsible for your financial and emotional damages as much as possible.

If another person caused the death of someone you love, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages and losses you suffered. To ensure you receive the maximum amount you're entitled to, you need a skilled attorney to handle your wrongful death claim in Arizona. 

At Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian, our lawyers treat you like family and truly care for you. We will provide the support you need during this difficult time, as well as the aggressive representation needed to obtain compensation for your loss. We compassionately help families seek compensation, closure, and justice.

Our award-winning Tucson personal injury lawyers have recovered many multi-million-dollar verdicts and have collectively won more than $150 million in personal injury damages, including wrongful death. 

Wrongful Death Accidents


Types of Wrongful Death Cases We Handle in Arizona

Ensure justice and honor your lost loved one's legacy.

The award-winning AZ Injury Law team is a Tucson based personal injury law firm specializing in wrongful death cases due to someone else's recklessness or wrong decisions. Whether their actions were intentional or not, people and businesses can and should be held financially responsible for their negligence. 

Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian has decades of experience with wrongful death claims in Tucson, Arizona and can help you or a family member file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person(s) or business(es) responsible for this tragic event. 

A wrongful death case is a civil claim, separate from a criminal case, where surviving family members - husband or wife, child or children, parent(s), adoptive parent(s) or legal guardian, authorized legal representative (the state) - can seek damages in the form of compensation for expenses and personal trauma resulting from the death. 

Wrongful death suits may be brought after a variety of fatal circumstances, including:
  • Fatal car accidents – car accident deaths caused by speeding, reckless or distracted driving, drunk driving, road defects, automobile defects, and more.

  • Fatal workplace injuries – although employers are responsible for the safety of their employees, fatal workplace injuries can often lead to wrongful death lawsuits.

  • Medical malpractice – fatal accidents occur when doctors or nurses cut corners including surgical errors, improper treatment, misdiagnosis, or defective medical devices.

  • Product liability cases – defective products can lead to fatal accidents in extreme circumstances such as defective vehicles, machinery, products, or pharmaceuticals.

At Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian, our board-certified lawyers have been successfully handling wrongful death cases for decades and understand how to build strong cases of liability for our clients through preparation, exhaustive investigation, and our years of success facing and fighting medical insurance companies.


Wrongful Death Lawsuit Process in Arizona

We approach each client's medical malpractice case with care, concern, and dedication.

In wrongful death claims, the party bringing the suit has the burden of proof and must prove that the opposing party was at fault for the deceased's death. This is most likely proven through negligence. If this is proven, then damages may be awarded. 

In Arizona there are time limits for commencing a wrongful death lawsuit. In general, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the death of the victim - the same as for personal injury claims. The wrongful death statute of limitations appears in A.R.S. 12-542. There may also be additional steps that you may have to take if you plan on suing certain defendants.

If you plan on filing a wrongful death action against the State of Arizona, or any of its political subdivisions, employees or agencies, including, but not limited to, public schools, municipalities and counties, there are additional steps to take - steps our wrongful death lawyers understand and can help guide you through. (You must follow the provisions of the Arizona Notice of Claim law, A.R.S. 12-821.01 - a statute that requires you first file a notice of claim with the public entity, school or public employee within 180 days after the action occurs.) Failure to file under the statute will in most cases bar a lawsuit against the public entity or employee.

Because of the importance of wrongful death cases, the complexity of Arizona laws, and the statute of limitations on filing a claim - we strongly recommend consulting with a highly experienced wrongful death attorney as soon as possible - attorneys like the experts on the AZ Injury Law team. 

Although you can never truly be made whole again, we have a caring, compassionate staff and capable, talented wrongful death attorneys who can help you seek maximum financial compensation to assist with expenses relating to the incident and to ensure justice for your lost loved one.

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Do I Have a Valid Wrongful Death Case?

If your loved one lost their life due to the negligence of a person or business that you have a personal connection to or a family member may be familiar with, you may be placed in a very difficult decision. You deserve to recover your financial and emotional costs, but by doing so may damage or ruin your relationship, especially if the offender's actions were unintentional. 

At Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian will work hard to find the best resolution on your behalf as we understand that wrongful death cases can be directed to the offender's home or auto insurance agent which often result in out-of-court settlements, avoiding additional conflict with your friend, neighbor, or acquaintance. 

Our firm prepares each case for trial from the very beginning and we are known by insurance companies for our preparation. As a result, we are able to obtain fair settlements for as many as 98% of our cases and have also obtained many multi-million-dollar verdicts for medical malpractice claims.


Damages Available in a Wrongful Death Claim in Arizona

You will need the knowledgeable guidance of a Tucson personal injury lawyer to guide you through the process of filing a claim, establishing negligence, and recovering the maximum damages in your wrongful death case, so be sure to contact Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian as soon as possible.

Our firm has the compassion and experience to help you through each step of the legal process. We will work tirelessly to hold the offending party accountable and to seek the maximum amount of compensation you may be entitled to.

In some cases, the wrongful death may be caused by extreme negligence. In these situations, additional punitive damages may also be recovered, but in general the two major types of damages that we may pursue in a wrongful death lawsuit are:

1. Damages associated with the victim's income:

  • Loss of victim's pension, insurance, and/or benefits
  • Lost earnings, inheritance, or other income
  • Medical, funeral, burial, grief counseling and other expenses connected with the death

2. Damages for the pain and anguish inflicted on the survivors:

  • Loss of parental guidance, presence, and nurturing care
  • The overwhelming grief, pain, and suffering
  • Lost spousal consortium, companionship, and love

If you believe that you may have a wrongful death claim in Arizona, you should consult with an experienced wrongful death attorney at Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian as soon as possible.


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