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The Long-Term Damage Caused by School Injuries

Any type of accident or injury is capable of causing long-lasting pain and suffering. When a child is sexually abused, seriously injured or killed while at school or during a school sponsored activity, the long-term physical and psychological damage can increase exponentially. Should your child's school injuries occur as a result of an undetected sexual predator, a lack of supervision, inadequate security, unsafe conditions, dangerous products, improper vehicle maintenance, unskilled drivers or negligence on the part of the teachers, staff and other officials to whom you trusted with your child's care, you may be able to pursue legal action.

Tucson School Injury Lawyer

Schools are intended to be safe havens where a child to go to receive an education, without having to worry about being subjected to undue physical or emotional harm. Parents rely on teachers and other educators to look out for their children and keep them safe. When those individuals fail to fulfill their obligation, you deserve to get answers and see that swift justice is served. You also have a right to recover financial compensation to help cover the costs related to your child's injuries, therapy, pain & suffering, and more. We are committed to be very discreet when handling these school injury cases as we respect your right to privacy and we believe that you should be with your child during this difficult time, not having to worry about legal proceedings.

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