Dram Shop Act & Alcohol-Caused Injuries in Tucson

What responsibilities do bartenders and restaurant owners have to their patrons?

Injuries stemming from alcohol-related accidents can present a complex case when it comes to determining liability. At Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian, we have over a century of combined legal experience helping injured individuals like you recover the compensation they deserve. We have secured more than $100 million for our clients and pride ourselves on the proactive approach we take, aggressively pursuing compensation from the moment we start to work on your case.

State law assigns accountability under the Dram Shop Act to restaurant owners and bartenders for the state of their intoxicated customers. If a patron is served more alcohol after passing the point of obvious intoxication, then the establishment which served the alcohol can be held responsible for any damages that the customer causes as a result of their state. The idea, of course, is that people who have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol are far more likely to engage in reckless behavior which endanger the well-being of themselves and others, the most obvious example of this being drunk driving accidents.

Tucson Alcohol-Related Injury Lawyer: Dram Shop Act and Claims

Whether you were injured in an accident caused by an overly intoxicated person, or you yourself were the intoxicated individual, you may be able to collect damages from the party that negligently supplied the alcohol. This may include compensation for property damage, as well as medical expenses incurred as the result of the accident. Establishing liability in this type of case can be difficult, as you must be able to successfully prove that your injuries were the direct result of yourself or another individual being served too much alcohol. Our team, however, is made up of highly motivated, driven, and intelligent attorneys, and will examine every detail of your case in order to prove negligence.

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