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Were you injured on public, government, private or commercial property?

It is the duty of land and property owners to protect visitors and customers from danger. If an owner or manager is negligent in maintaining property that is reasonably safe for visitors, guests, clients or customers, and a person is subsequently injured on their property, the owner, manager or business owner can be held liable. The negligent party will be forced to provide compensation under premises liability law.

Filing Claims for Premises Liability in Tucson

In premises liability law, an injured person is generally defined as an invitee, a licensee or a trespasser. An invitee is a person who is expressly invited onto the property and the owner owes them the highest duty of care, which includes taking every reasonable precaution to ensure their safety. A licensee, however, is one who enters the property for his or her own purposes but has consent of the owner. In the case of a licensee, the owner is required to warn of hidden dangers, but is not necessarily required to repair these hazards.

As for a trespasser, this is a person who enters the property without any right to do so, and the owner generally has no duty to take reasonable care of his property or warn of hidden dangers. However, if a trespasser can show that the owner knew it was likely that trespassers would enter the property, they could possibility be held liable for any injuries, under specific circumstances. But, regardless of whether a person is considered to be a trespasser, it is always a landowner's duty to warn of prospective dangers with respect to children.

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