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Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian publishes a highly-regarded industry newsletter called Thinking – Connecting the Community with Current Issues, designed to help our clients, colleagues, and the community better understand and meet some of the challenges of our complex and changing society. 

We've tried to hold back on the confusing language and "legalese" in order to provide a readable and relevant dialogue, and to give you topical, trusted information you can use. 

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Current Issue

April 2024 

  • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Understanding the Basics
  • Ensuring the Safety of Your Most Precious Cargo
  • AZ Courts Steer Underinsured Policies Off-Road

Previous Issues of Thinking:

September 2023

  • Wellness Resources from the State Bar of Arizona
  • Safeguarding Your Interests: Arizona's Client Protection Fund
  • State Bar of Arizona Legal Specialization

May 2023

  • Product Recalls
  • Consumer Protection In Arizona Re: automobiles
  • Preventing Medical Errors
  • Insurance Policies to Consider

December 2022

  • Medical Malpractice Birth Injury Litigation
  • Bar Responsibility/Social Hosts
  • Developments in Insurance Bad Faith
  • Claims Against Local Public Entities 

June 2022

  • Beware of Aftermarket Car Modifications
  • Dev Sethi Q & A
  • Taking Your Dog for a Walk? Keep It Leashed
  • How Life 360 Sells Your Location Information

January 2021

  • The Ongoing Saga of Rule 68 Offers of Judgment
  • COVID Litigation - Is it a Thing?
  • What are Frivolous Lawsuit?
  • A Crash Course on Wellness in the Final Push

January 2020

  • Before You Rent a Scooter, Protect Yourself Legally
  • Why You Need a Real ID& How to Get Yours Before the Deadline
  • Black Boxes in Medicine & the Implications for Malpractice Cases
  • AZ Supreme Court Finding Allows Businesses to Refuse Service to Same Sex Couples  

September 2019

  • Ride-hailing for Kids, Super Convenient or Uber Dangerous
  • AZ Extends Statute of Limitations to Bring Civil Actions for Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Some Lienholders Taking Hard Line Approach to Reduction
  • Auto Manufacturers Not Required to Include Automated Safety Features in All Cars

June 2019

  • Concussions
  • Electric Scooters
  • Opiate Epidemic
  • FASTAR Program

January 2019

  • Helping Local Athletics
  • Adding a New Driver to Your Insurance
  • Checking Your Doctor's License Status in Another State
  • Bar Liability For Injuries Caused by Drunk Drivers
  • Bench and Bar Program Updates

June 2018

  • Arizona Supreme Court Rules Liberty of Business Owners Trumps Risk of Harm to Children
  • Administrative Cuts No Answer for Education Woes
  • Questions Surround How Driverless Cars Will Impact Law
  • Juul - The Vape Device Parents Need to Know About

January 2018

  • Religion in the Courtroom
  • Clients & Lawyers - Rights & Obligations
  • The Costs & Benefits of a Structured Settlement
  • Injured on the Job

October 2017

  • Peter Akmajian Joins the Firm
  • Government Lawsuits
  • Law Enforcement Liability
  • Vulnerable Adult Law

April 2017

  • Sexual Predation
  • Video Depositions
  • The Myth of the Frivolous Medical Malpractice
  • The Pain Mystery
  • Special CLE for Litigators Seminar

January 2017

  • Arbitration Rules
  • Consumer Safety
  • Important Rule Changes
  • Dangerous Medical Problems

September 2017

  • Nursing homes
  • Drug-free pain treatment
  • Following up on test results
  • Reducing the severity of concussions
  • New civil rules
  • Taking control of your stress

May 2016

  • $17 Million asbestos verdict
  • Medical treatment struggles
  • Googling in the courtroom
  • Driving dangers with Snapchat
  • Takata airbag recall
  • Clear communication with doctors

January 2016

  • E-cigarettes 
  • Hover boards
  • Over treatment
  • Medical liens
  • Rules of Civil Procedure

August 2015

  • Picking the right doctor or hospital
  • The importance of good medical records
  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • Arizona Law Update: DUI, road design and UIM coverage

March 2015

  • Child Protection
  • Concussions
  • Medical Mistake Prevention
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Drug Manufacturer Liability
  • Lessons from the Podcast: Serial

September 2014

  • Car Maker Dishonesty
  • Social Media
  • Multi-sport Training
  • Informed Consent
  • The VA Scandal
  • UIM Coverage

April 2014

  • Identity Theft
  • Last Wills and Testaments
  • The Importance of UM/UIM

October 2013

  • Ted Schmidt Sues State
  • Supreme Court Protects Big Pharma
  • Protect Your Vital Health Information
  • Dog Law
  • Flood Waters Vs. Surface Waters

May 2013

  • The Forgotten Insurance Coverage You Cannot Afford Not to Have
  • Medical Malpractice Reform Has Only Confused the Rules of the Road
  • Legislative Update: The Collateral Source Bill
  • If the Agreement Governs, the Agreement Governs
  • Ben Bells Celebrates 10 Years of Kindness

February 2013

  • When is Your Treating Doctor An Expert in Court?
  • Three Tips For Doctors
  • How To Choose A Doctor
  • Decide to Bring A Lawsuit

September 2012

  • Merit Selection of Judges
  • Hospital Malpractice
  • Medicare Moving Toward Self-Payment
  • Proposed Medical Device Tracking

June 2012

  • Courts in Conflict
  • Mixed Messages
  • Non Party at Fault
  • Be An Advocate
  • Dog Law

May 2011

  • Trial Victory
  • Why Marry?
  • Mayhem Reigns
  • Summer Drowning
  • Kss-law Happenings

May 2010

  • Is Strict Liabilities Law Dead or Dying in Arizona?
  • KSS in Fourth Year of Offering Internship Program to Undergrads
  • My Mock Trial Experiences
  • Summer's Coming

May 2009

  • Finding a Good Nursing Home
  • Grisham Novel Imitates Real Life
  • Supreme Court Compromises Malpractice Victim's Rights

September 2008

  • ERISA Plans Dodge Responsibility
  • Supreme Court Strengthens Individual Rights
  • Congress Moves to Ban Toxins in Toys

June 2008

  • Taking the strict out of product liability law
  • NHTSA falls short again in increasing roof safety for autos
  • The changing landscape of product liability law
  • Community: highlights

December 2007

  • KBSDS is proud to sponsor the Tucson Soccer Academy
  • Promoting youth sports for 45 years: the Tucson Conquistadores
  • Giving back gives back – the more you give the better you feel
  • The Tucson Children's Museum – there are lots of new things to see and do
  • Community: reaching out

September 2007

  • Identity theft – protecting yourself from the crime of the 21st century
  • Protecting them – Arizona teens to face new driving restrictions
  • Recall – unsafe motor vehicles
  • Scammer alert – scammers and thieves are out to get your money
  • Community: reaching out

Previous issues of Perspectives:

June 2007

  • The first 15 minutes after your car accident
  • Make your auto insurance coverage work for you
  • More on recalling unsafe products: The FDA's role
  • Planning ahead for the unexpected
  • KBSDS in the community

March 2007

  • End run to limit victims' rights
  • Road hazards – investigating and identifying dangerous cars
  • Why isn't my defective lawnmower case garden variety case?
  • Recalling unsafe products: The CPSC's role
  • KBSDS in the community

December 2006

  • The summary jury trial – an effective option?
  • How to protect yourself and your family from medical errors
  • Insurance companies expect huge profits
  • Choosing the right college at the right price
  • Some thoughts on instant replay in NCAA football

September 2006

  • A word with the coach
  • Bicycle helmets: Inexpensive lifesavers
  • How to have safe off-road fun
  • Hospitals aim to slash death rates
  • Plaintiff's lawsuits KO'd by medical liens?
  • Citrus: Not always good for you

June 2006

  • Insurance reform
  • Tips for a safe summer
  • Arizona's newest medical records law
  • Insurance bad faith

March 2006

  • Insurance reform – not malpractice damage caps – will work
  • Choosing a doctor
  • "I thought my health insurance already paid for this?"
  • Organ donation
  • State champs!
  • Can vitamin D stop Multiple Sclerosis?

December 2005

  • Politics threatens Arizona's fair & impartial judiciary
  • Arizona Supreme Court protects citizens from boilerplate release forms
  • Harsher penalties for uninsured motorists
  • In focus: Breast Cancer

July 2005

  • Kids and car's the law
  • KBSDS convinces court to reinstate largest Lasik eye verdict ever
  • The latest developments in Lasik eye surgery cases
  • Save a life this summer: protect children from drowning
  • Caring for your tires is caring for your car
  • Stepping up to the plate...

March 2005

  • "Yes Savanna, daddy is a trial lawyer"
  • How to choose the right nursing home
  • Why you should keep a camera in your car

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