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Premises Liability & Negligent Pet Owners

Pet owners are responsible for the behavior of their animals, as well as any injuries or damages they may inflict. That is why you should not hesitate to speak with a Tucson personal injury lawyer if you have been injured or traumatized by an animal attack of any kind. Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian provides caring support and aggressive representation in injury cases of all kinds and can fight for the compensation you deserve. We will help you gather the evidence to establish the liability and negligence of the animal's owner, and we will fight for the highest possible damages in your case.

Dog Bite Injuries and Infections

Dog bites are perhaps the most common type of animal attack injury. Though dogs are widely considered "man's best friend," the injuries sustained when they become aggressive and attack can be devastating. Lacerations and puncture wounds from teeth are prone to serious infections, and it is not uncommon for a dog attack to leave the victim with permanent disfigurement or scarring. Although dog bites are very unlikely to cause rabies as many believe, they are likely to cause tetanus, staph infections, or sepsis (blood poisoning) if not treated immediately and properly.

Though in many areas a dog has "one free bite" where the owner is not liable the first time it attacks, this is not the law in our state. Outside of a few exceptions regarding police and military dogs, any time a dog attacks a person in the absence of deliberate provocation, the owner can and should be held responsible for injuries sustained. Get immediate legal assistance if you've been attacked by a dog and need to hold the owner accountable for their negligence, as well as for your damages.

Looking for a dog bite lawyer in Tucson, AZ?

When a person has been injured by a vicious biting dog, it is important to seek legal help immediately from a qualified Tucson dog bite attorney. At Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian, we have more than 120 years of combined experience, and we take an aggressive and proactive approach to pursuing justice and compensation. While it is likely that we will be able to reach an agreeable settlement with the dog owner's insurance company, we always prepare to go to court, so defendants know that we mean business. If necessary, we will litigate fiercely on your behalf in the courtroom in an effort to secure the compensation you deserve.

Our attorney team includes several board-certified personal injury and wrongful death specialists, and each of our partners is AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®, included in Arizona Super Lawyers® and Best Lawyers in America®, and has personally recovered multi-million-dollar verdicts. We are more than capable of helping you establish premises liability for any kind of animal attack in Tucson.

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