Fatal Medical Malpractice Cases in Tucson

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Tucson Medical Malpractice Lawyer: Fatalities and Malpractice

Too often, the medical malpractice of healthcare workers can unfortunately result in death. The trauma of losing a loved one from medical malpractice is unlike any other, due to the fact that you and your lost loved one were relying on the medical professionals saving or bettering their lives, not causing their death. Disbelief, disorientation and depression can lead the surviving members of a victim's family to make hasty or incorrect decisions when settling a claim with the liable party. The attorneys at Kinerk, Schmidt & Sethi understand how difficult it can be to think wisely when confronted with important decisions at such a traumatic time.

Emergency room error, a case of anesthesia malpractice, serious illness or other complications from a misdiagnosis, cases of hospital acquired infections, and cases of medication overdose or pharmacy errors are all common types of fatal medical malpractice. The amount of expert medical training coupled with legal strategy and understanding to handle a fatal medical malpractice case is beyond the average law firm's capabilities. Our attorneys have been representing families of fatal medical malpractice victims for over forty years in the Tucson area and Arizona, and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

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