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Injured in a construction accident?

While construction is one of the most dangerous fields in which to work, employers have a responsibility to maintain a certain level of safety at a construction site. At Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian, we are familiar with regulations and have spent the last 40 years providing the people of Tucson with high-quality legal counsel in the field of personal injury law. If you've been injured, then you can count on us to review your case for any evidence of negligence. 98% of our cases are settled without ever setting foot in a courtroom, but we prepare every case as though it were going to court and will not hesitate to do so when necessary.

Whether your aim is to file a worker's compensation claim or your case involves third party liability such as a utilities company, subcontractor, equipment manufacturer or other party, our firm is ready to help. Those in the field of construction typically handle a wide array of dangerous materials and situations on a day-to-day basis, so maintaining safety on a site is the shared responsibility of several parties. Unfortunately, many construction-related injuries are catastrophic in nature, drastically impacting every aspect of the victim's life and having a long-term negative effect on their physical capabilities.

Our Tucson construction accident lawyer can help.

Establishing liability in the case of a construction accident can prove to be vastly complex, due to the nature of the field and the numerous parties typically involved in any one incident. It will take a skilled and experienced attorney to sift through the details of your accident in such a way as to isolate contributing factors and to determine negligence.

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