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In Arizona, when an insured person or entity is denied coverage under their insurance policy, or the policy of some third party, a cause of action may arise for what is known as bad faith denial. If you believe that the insurance company has unreasonably denied the claim, to show a claim for bad faith you must convince the court there was an absence of a reasonable basis for denying benefits of the policy, and the insurer's knowledge or reckless disregard of the lack of a reasonable basis for denying the claim. If this legal standard is met, a denied party can sue for damages and receive financial compensation.

Cases of Insurance Bad Faith and Your Right to Fair Compensation

The bad faith denial of insurance claims is not an uncommon situation. Insurance companies and their agents are always looking for ways to avoid paying out on a claim, and unfortunately, they will seek any way possible to limit or deny coverage on a claim in order to maximize profits. At Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian, we are all too familiar with fighting the insurance industry for bad faith denial of benefits. For forty years, our attorneys have successfully pursued claims for bad faith denial against insurers for an insurer's unreasonable delay in the handling of a claim, the failure to advise an insured of his duty to submit the appropriate forms, the reliance on a policy provision previously ruled invalid to deny a claim, and the failure to conduct a reasonably thorough investigation before denying an insured's claim.

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