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Were your injuries the result of a defective tire?

If you suspect that your car accident was caused by a tire defect, then we can help you find and present the evidence. In some cases, tire companies may have been unaware of a defect which could lead to injury. But the unfortunate fact of the matter is that many times, they are fully aware of the danger but choose to do little or nothing about it, generally due to the cost involved in correcting the mistake. Victims in car accidents can end up paying a high price for the manufacturer's negligence, suffering catastrophic injuries when a tire blows out or explodes while the vehicle is in motion, often at high speeds, creating an exceptionally dangerous and possibly deadly situation.

Tire Defect Lawyer Serving the Tucson Area

In order to establish liability in a potential tire defect case, it is necessary to prove both that the manufacturer was aware of the danger, and that they did not act sufficiently to protect consumers from harm. Members of our team are well-versed in tire manufacturing and design, and we typically work closely with accident reconstructionists as well as engineers to establish a clear picture of what took place, and then move forward with filing a claim or lawsuit. Our in-house nurse can also assess your injuries in order to approximate what kinds of medical expenses you may expect to face. We will pursue monetary compensation accordingly.

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