Dangerous Roadways in Tucson Car Accidents

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Was a dangerous roadway a contributing factor in your accident?

Even if no other driver was involved in your accident, and none of your vehicle's parts were defective, there is still a way that a third party's negligence could have contributed to the accident. When roads are poorly maintained, inappropriately marked, or assigned speed limits that fail to take all relevant factors into consideration, car accidents could be the outcome. Dangerous roadways can also be the result of traffic signals that are faulty or improperly timed, a dangerously sharp curve, or a steep drop-off with no guardrails in place. All of these conditions, among many others, create unnecessary hazards and make driving far more dangerous. If a dangerous roadway caused your accident, then you are not to blame.

Tucson Car Accident Attorney: Cases of Dangerous Roadways

It is generally the case that a government entity is responsible for the safe design and maintenance of roadways. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to successfully sue the government, so make sure that you have no one but the best on your side. You can trust us to take the correct actions for you, including returning to the accident scene and a full review of all written and photographic evidence to determine if a dangerous roadway may have been a contributing factor in your accident. If so, then you deserve compensation for the injuries and property damage you have suffered, and it is extremely important that the dangerous conditions are corrected to prevent future accidents.

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