Defective Vehicle Design

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Were You Injured By an Auto Defect?

Is your car the subject of a safety recall or service bulletin? Find out on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Defects and Recalls Web page.

An auto defect, like a gas tank that explodes on impact, or a van that tends to roll over when fully loaded, can cause untold numbers of injuries and deaths. Defects in auto parts and components, like tires, seat belts, air bags and fuel systems, add to the injury total.

We may be able to help you recover financial compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Here is a small sampling of our cases:

  • Deadly defects in Ford 15-passenger vans and Goodyear LRE tires caused a crash that resulted in our client losing her left arm.
  • A jury returned a $4,000,000 landmark verdict for tire failure in a crash that left a child dead and his father brain-injured.
  • A weak and unsafe Chevy Suburban roof killed two Tucson teachers. We obtained compensation for their spouses.
  • A dangerously designed fuel tank ruptured and spilled fuel that ignited and burned our client, a retired financial planner, after a collision. He suffered catastrophic injuries. If the tank had not failed, his worst injury would have been a fractured rib.

To learn more about our successes in auto defect claims, please the Our Victories page of this Web site. To schedule a free initial consultation about your auto defect injury, please contact a Tucson personal injury lawyer at our firm. We look forward to hearing from you.

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