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Birth injuries occur when a doctor, nurse, or surgeon demonstrates negligence in a way that causes injury to a mother and / or her child during pregnancy or the birthing process. As long as your birth injuries were the directly result of medical malpractice and were not your fault in any way, you deserve to receive fair compensation through a claim. At Schmidt, Sethi & Akmaijian we have a thorough understanding of birth injuries and personal injury law, and we will fight to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Common Birth Injuries for Mothers and Children

Mothers can suffer a number of birth injuries due to a negligent doctor, nurse, obstetrician, or team of medical professionals. Some of the most common injuries and illnesses include vaginal tears, preeclampsia (high blood-pressure), untreated uterine bleeding, and much more. The child can also suffer from serious injuries that may have lifelong effects. These can include brachial plexus (Erb's palsy), broken bones, head trauma, forceps injuries, subconjunctival hemorrhaging, untreated jaundice, and more. No matter what kind of injury you or your baby has suffered, a Tucson personal injury lawyer can help.

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