Suffering from Bed Sores in Tucson, AZ?

Tucson Attorneys Protect Victims of Elder Abuse

Bed sores are preventable with proper care. When nursing home staff members fail to regularly reposition residents with limited mobility, these sores can gradually develop from constant pressure on a particular area of the skin. Left untreated, bed sores can eventually become infected, causing significant damage to muscles and tissues and ultimately putting residents' lives at risk. The law firm of Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian in Tucson is committed to protecting victims of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and other care facilities.

Preparing for Trial

We are seasoned trial attorneys, and insurance companies take us seriously knowing we carefully prepare every case to be successful at trial. Individuals confined to wheelchairs or beds must be repositioned regularly to prevent bed sores. When bed sores occur and as they progress, patients' temperatures and skin color change as blisters or infections begin to form. We will determine if staff members ignored doctors' warnings of looming bed sores. Our investigative approach includes analyzing nurses' charts to understand how often residents were monitored.

We also spend time closely reviewing clients' medical records. We will interview staff members who may have witnessed negligent behavior to support these serious accusations. Our Tucson personal injury lawyers will gather as many facts as possible to develop strong legal arguments and work vigorously to hold negligent parties accountable for failing to follow the accepted standard of care.

Punitive Damages in Elder Abuse Claims

Our firm's Tucson nursing home abuse lawyers may seek punitive damages against at-fault nursing homes under Arizona's vulnerable adult statute. Punitive damages are meant to punish defendants and deter others from engaging in similar behavior. We have extensive experience obtaining million-dollar verdicts and settlements for victims of elder abuse and other types of negligence, many of which have included both compensatory and punitive damages.

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