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Neglect of the elderly and infirm in today's nursing home industry is rampant. Nursing home facilities are often run by corporate concerns who value a profit margin over patient care. As a result, our loved ones and their families suffer unnecessary pain and anxiety when confronted with a situation involving nursing home neglect. When a nursing home facility fails to properly care for someone you know and care for, don't hesitate in consulting with an experienced elder law attorney who understands nursing home neglect.

Has your loved one suffered injuries, illness or death due to neglect?

If you suspect that you or your loved one is not receiving timely and healthy meals, proper medication, clean and sanitary living space, or is being emotionally or physically abused in any way while a resident or patient at a nursing home, you have a responsibility to report your concerns to the facility and the state. Your voice could help save others from a similar fate, and possibly enable to get compensation for the nursing home's negligence. Bed sores, sepsis, dehydration and malnutrition are the most common complaints of nursing home neglect that we see in our practice.

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