What Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Injured in an accident? Make sure you are fairly compensated!

After being injured in an accident, you are probably wondering how much compensation you can receive by filing a personal injury claim. The first step you should take to answer this question is to consult a Tucson personal injury lawyer. The law firm of Kinerk, Schmidt & Sethi, PLLC has represented clients in all types of injury cases since 1995, but our lawyers have served Tucson for more than 40 years and have over a century of combined experience. We have what it takes to help you gather evidence and establish the full extent of your accident damages.

Valuating a Personal Injury Claim

The damages caused in an accident do not always have set and measurable financial values. For example, a medical bill has a set financial value, but the amount of suffering that a person has gone through after an accident does not. The following factors are used to determine the value of a claim:

  • Liability - In order to ensure that you receive compensation, you must be able to prove that someone else is responsible for your injury. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover any damages at all.
  • The nature of your injury - The type of injury you sustained, as well as its severity, must be evaluated by professionals so that you have hard evidence to present to the court.
  • The impact of your injury on your life - Qualified experts can examine the damages that your injury has had on your quality of life. You deserve compensation if you are unable to return to the same lifestyle you lived before your accident.
  • Your circumstances - Your age, health, income, residency, and other such factors can play a part in how much compensation you can win in a claim.
  • The type of accident - Accidents that are considered to be severe or traumatizing may warrant more compensation than "minor" accidents.

There is no way to truly determine the value of your claim without professional assistance. Each attorney with Kinerk, Schmidt & Sethi, PLLC has extensive experience in personal injury and has achieved countless settlements and trial verdicts. We have enough experience to know if a settlement or verdict is adequate for your injuries and other damages.

How Our Firm Can Help

One of the main ways to ensure that you receive fair compensation for an accident is to gather as much evidence and documentation of your damages as possible. These can include witness statements, photographs of the accident scene and your injuries, medical evaluations and doctors' notes, psychological evaluations, and more. Our firm maintains a network of professionals and experts who can accurately evaluate your damages and provide strong evidence for your claim. We also have professional relationships with other attorneys across the country who can provide insight and counsel for your unique case.

Hire a Tucson Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Kinerk, Schmidt & Sethi, PLLC is prepared to recover maximum damages for your personal injury case. We prepare each case for trial regardless of whether or not it is going to court, which ensures that we are as prepared as possible and are more likely to obtain an adequate settlement without litigation. Insurance companies are much more likely to settle when they know that the plaintiff is prepared to fight and win a trial case, and our firm is known for its preparation.

Contact a Tucson personal injury attorney at your earliest convenience to get started. Every one of our partners has recovered multi-million-dollar verdicts, with more than $100 million total damages recovered by our entire firm. They are also AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell® and have been included in Arizona Super Lawyers®, some for several years running. Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge to win the best results, so engage in a free case evaluation today!

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