Caring, Thorough and on Our Side

My family and I were very fortunate to find the caring professionals at the Kinerk, Schmidt & Sethi law office. We are especially grateful for attorney Jim Campbell and his team. Jim was very thorough in explaining the legal process of our case. I felt prepared to ride out our case to the end. During the following months, I called Jim a few times with detailed questions regarding case documents. Each time I was amazed that he immediately answered my questions without saying, 'let me pull your files.' As our trial date approached, Dev Sethi joined the team. Both Jim and Dev were an absolute pleasure to work with...their confidence was comforting. My children and I are very grateful to have had this fine group on our side.
– Darlene Moore

Our team works together - for you!

Our award-winning lawyers are backed by a talented, caring team of legal professionals, paralegals, bilingual assistants, notaries, and others - all dedicated to you, your case, and the compensation you deserve.

No fees and no costs until we win.

As such we always have your case and your best interest in mind. When you win, we win too by providing the best legal care possible.

Thorough investigation and preparation.

We tirelessly and thoughtfully prepare every case we represent as though it was going to trial. This lets insurance companies know that we are a force to be reckoned with. As such, we settle successfully 98% of the time.