Nominees Announced For Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

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Beginning next year Arizona will have a new Redistricting Commission that will oversee the mapping of the congressional and legislative districts for Arizona. As of now there are 25 nominees that have been selected by our very own Ted Schmidt and the otehr members who make up The Commission on Appellate Court Appointments. Originally, there were 79 applicants from all over the state but now 10 Democrats, 10 Republicans and 5 people who are not registered with either of those two parties remain.

Now, it is up to the legislative leaders to appoint four members to the Redistricting Commission. Those four epople will then select the fifth member, completing the selection process. there can be no more than two members from the same party on the commission and no more than two members can be residents of the same county. The remaining applicants are listed below by party, with county affiliation.

Arizona has not always done its redistricitng with the appointment of a commission. In 2000 Proposition 106 was oassed by the voters chaning the redistricting guidelines. Prop 106 amended the Arizona Constitution creating a five person commission that would be in charge of the redistricting process. Prior to the amendment the State Legislature was in charge of the redrawing of the lines. The people of Arizona felt that they were susceptible to gerrymandering when the legislature was in charge leading them to propose Prop 106. Arizona is currently only one of three states in the Union that uses a Redsitricting Commission to redraw their political lines. All of the other states leave it up to their State Legislatures.

Democrats: Marcia J. Busching (Maricopa County), Robert L. Cannon (Maricopa County), Eric B. Henderson (Navajo County), Jose M. Herrera (Maricopa County), Linda C. McNult (Pima County), Lawrence C. Mohrweis (Coconino County), William G. Roe (Pima County), Mark D. Rubin (Pima County), Jimmie D. Smith (Yuma County), and Marshall A. Worden (Pima County).

Independents: Paul Bender (Maricopa County), Raymond F. Bladine (Maricopa County), Kimber L. Lanning (Maricopa County), Coleen C. Mathis (Pima County), and Margarita Silva (Maricopa County).

Republicans: Jim Bruner (Maricopa County), Louis A. de Leon (Maricopa County), Scott D. Freeman (Maricopa County), Patrick McWhortor (Maricopa County), Michael R. Perry (Maricopa County), Mark E. Schnepf (Maricopa County), Susan F. Shultz (Maricopa County), Stephen J. Sossaman (Maricopa County), Lynn Werner (Maricopa County), and Benny E. White (Pima County).

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