Riding Lawnmowers Recalled

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Exmark has recalled its 750 Pioneer S-Series mowers. The recall follows reports of failed welding causing the rider to lose control of the mower and potentially crash. They are 2011 models "zero-turn-radius" mowers with a red, welded tubular steel frame. It is operated with two hand-held levers instead of a steering wheel and was sold in deck sizes of 44, 48 and 52 inches. The S-Series mowers were sold between February and March of 2011 for between $6,881 and $7,658. If you believe that you bought one of these mowers and are concerned contact stop using the lawnmower immediately and Exmark to get information on replacement parts for the weld.

Recently we obtained a similar claim. Our client was riding his mower and doing yard work when he was electrocuted by the mower. He finished his work and went inside his house where he collapsed and ultimately passed away.

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