Nursing Home Abuse: Untreated Wounds & Sepsis

Is your elderly loved one suffering from sepsis? We can help.

When an open wound or bed sore is left untreated, a nursing home resident could be at risk of developing sepsis. This is a whole-body inflammatory response to a severe infection, which can occur when bacteria, fungi, viruses and/or parasites enter the body through an open wound, IV line or catheter. Common symptoms include high fever, flushed skin, elevated heart rate, low blood pressure and altered mental status—which can be particularly dangerous for the young and elderly. In some cases, delayed treatment of sepsis can even lead to death. For this reason, the growing presence of sepsis among nursing home residents is an issue that should not be ignored.

If you or someone you love has developed sepsis while under the care of a negligent nursing home staff, you should not hesitate to seek compensation for the harm that you have suffered. According to the Nursing Home Complaint Center, sepsis is one of the most recognizable signs of caretaker neglect.

Determining the Cause of Your Illness

Sepsis can be a difficult condition for anyone to battle, but it becomes more and more challenging for our bodies to fight off an infection as we grow older. For this reason, it is imperative that all elderly patients receive regular medical attention while under the care or a nursing home or assisted living facility—especially at the first sign of infection. When left untreated, this preventable illness can quickly turn catastrophic. With the help of a Tucson elder abuse attorney from Schmidt, Sethi, & Akmajian, PLLC, you can build an effective case by examining the following factors:

  • Was a bed sore or open wound left untreated?
  • Is the nursing home facility regularly disinfected or cleaned?
  • Were you expected to wear the same clothes for days at a time?
  • Is the nursing home understaffed or inadequately managed?
  • Were your medical concerns/complaints routinely ignored?

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