Premises Liability Victories

Popular 4th Ave. bar responsible for patron's death.
We represented the family of a Safford, AZ man visiting a popular 4th Ave. tavern. The tavern's policies prohibited customers from bringing weapons inside the bar, and security staff was required to see that people coming in did not have any weapons with them. Our client's son was inside the bar with his brother and girlfriend when an argument erupted. Bar security did not intervene, and instead waited for the argument to calm. A few moments later, the same group of responsible for starting the first argument started a second fight. This time, our client's son was stabbed in the melee. We represented the deceased man's parents and his young child. This case was settled for a confidential amount prior to trial.

Improper ladder flips mechanic from 737 plane.
Our client was an airplane mechanic who fell from a parked 737 aircraft while it was being serviced at Evergreen, one of the nation's largest aircraft maintenance centers. We proved that the defendant improperly staged the aircraft for repair and chose an inadequate ladder for entry and exit. Our client suffered a badly broken non-dominant hand which led to the onset of RSD, a permanent, very painful nervous system condition. The defendant settled for over $700,000.

Dude ranch responsible for dangerously planning activities for guests.
We represented a lawyer from Maine who came to Southern Arizona for a week at a dude ranch. On his last day at the ranch, his guide improperly assigned our client to a dangerous and ill-advised activity where he was thrown from his horse. He suffered a shattered femur that required surgery. While recovering from the surgery, our client suffered a debilitating stroke. We overcame the impact of a liability release to obtain a favorable settlement for our client.

Group home responsible for rape of women in its care.
We represented a mentally incapacitated woman who was a ward of the State and was living in a group home. While there, she was raped by a man, also in the care of the same organization. The rapist had a history of violent behavior and was not to be left unsupervised with women. The rape occurred when the sole employee supervising residents went outside to smoke a cigarette. We settled this case before trial.

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