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A Whole New World: Part IV - Pricing a Car

Posted by Dev Sethi | Oct 11, 2018 | 0 Comments

Last week I focused on resources to help evaluate the safety and performance of cars.  

Today, I share a cool tool that helps a buyer understand the value proposition of a car.  Everyone talks about the savings a used car offers.  "Let someone else take the depreciation" is a common refrain.  But what does that really mean? And in walking the lots and checking the internet, I have not see a huge difference between new and used prices for some of the more popular cars -- RAV-4, CR-V, and other good value crossovers, which are the bulk of what I am looking at.  

Enter UsedFirst, a website that illustrates the depreciation curve for a variety of vehicles.  I can't vouch for the data, and they don't have every car in the system.  But in reviewing their charts and graphs along with real world pricing, I do see correlation.  

The site allows you to search by brand and vehicle.  It then shows you the depreciation curve, and highlights the sweet spot -- where you get the most bang for the buck in the used car market.  For example, a 2016 Ford Escape provides the best value proposition.  By the time you get to a 2011 model, the curve is so flat that there is no difference between that model year and 2006. It is a good resource for looking at how well vehicles on your list hold their value -- and, more commonly, how far they plummet.

Happy Car Hunting.

Ford Escape Depreciation Curve

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