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Injured at a Friend’s or Family Member’s Home? We Can Help.

Posted by Dev Sethi | Feb 03, 2022 | 0 Comments

Injuries can happen anywhere–even at a loved one's home or business.

If you gathered for the holidays, a celebration, or a quick hello but ended up with an injury at a friend or loved one's home, compensation may be available to you under the homeowner's insurance policy covering the home. Seeking such compensation should be of no concern to your friend or loved one. Carrying homeowner's insurance is the prudent thing that people do to assure that should someone be injured in their home they are fairly compensated by insurance and not the personal assets of the homeowner.

Serious injuries that result due to a loved one's negligence or ignorance can be disheartening, awkward, and difficult to cope with. On one hand, you don't want to cause any disagreements, hurt feelings, or financial trouble for your loved one. On the other hand, you know you did not deserve to sustain your injury and are left with medical or financial issues from the accident including lost income from work, expensive medical procedures, or serious disabilities. And, if this occurred anywhere else, you wouldn't hesitate to seek out help from a personal injury attorney.

Well, we have good news! If you happen to get hurt at a loved one's home or on their premises, you may be entitled to compensation. At Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian, we know how sensitive this process can be and what is involved if you are injured at your family or friend's home. Chances are that your friend or family member may not even have to pay out of pocket if you file a personal injury claim. Your loved one would likely not lose anything if you seek the compensation you deserve for your sustained injury.

Whether it's a dog bite, serious burn, slip-and-fall, electrocution, drowning, or wrongful death, accident victims who ignore the injury, or don't want to “rock the boat” with their friend or family member, or worse - choose to represent themselves - run the risk of long term medical expenses, mounting financial issues, missing key deadlines or filing paperwork inaccurately, and more. 

Steps To Take After a Personal Injury at a Loved One's Home:

  1. Seek medical attention- The first priority after an injury is to take care of yourself. In some instances, emergency services from police or EMS may be necessary. Keep all of that paperwork for any future claim. If the accident was not that serious but still harmful, it is still important to seek medical attention. Some serious injuries can cause unforeseen, long-term damages that should be looked at by a medical professional. Any documentation can help with a potential claim too.

  2. Take detailed notes for evidence-  After an injury occurs take note of the injury, your surroundings, and the events leading up to the accident. Note the time of day, location of the incident, people involved with the incident, any witness statements, and how the situation unfolded. All of this documentation could significantly help when seeking out the rightful compensation for your injuries.

  3. Have a polite conversation with your loved one- This step may seem uncomfortable, but it is crucial for you to politely inquire about your friend or family member's homeowner's insurance information. This is one of the best ways to smoothly obtain compensation because their policy might include coverage for various accidents around the home.

  4. As soon as possible, seek the help of a personal injury attorney- If you have been injured at a loved one's home and are seeking compensation - act quickly! In Arizona, there is limited time to file a lawsuit for your injuries. The longer you wait to file a claim or a personal injury lawsuit, the longer it will take to get your money. And remember that it takes time to negotiate with the insurance company, so you should allow some time for this process to unfold, which is why we recommend getting the process started immediately after you or a loved one suffers injuries at another's home.

While a homeowner's insurance policy is the likely source of compensation – not your family member or friend, if the insurance company denies the claim you may be in the tough position of needing to initiate a lawsuit against a loved one. Though this may seem unnecessary and uncomfortable, it really isn't. A “friendly suit” is often filed, which simply preserves the claim, forcing the insurance company to follow through on its contractual obligations to pay.

The AZ Injury Law team has the compassion and collective wisdom needed to help injured Arizonans make difficult situations like these much more straightforward. 

Our skilled personal injury attorneys seek the highest financial settlement possible and know how to negotiate with anxious parties, present a substantive argument toward a settlement, or proceed to trial if necessary. Though we reach a settlement in 98% of our cases, we are prepared to take your case to trial if need be. 

If you have been seriously injured while at a loved one's home or business, our experienced legal team can help. Contact us today, the most qualified personal injury attorneys in Arizona, for your free consultation today.

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Dev Sethi litigates and tries a wide-range of complex injury and death cases throughout Arizona. He has Martindale Hubbell's highest rating, AV, and he is listed in "Best Lawyers." Dev is also recognized as an Arizona Super Lawyer in the area of plaintiff's products liability litigation.Dev has been at the forefront of auto product defect litigation. He played a key role in uncovering the Goodyear Load Range E tire scandal and worked to hold Ford Motor Company responsible for the danger posed by their now notorious 15-passenger vans. Dev is currently representing families in product liability suits against the nation's largest corporations including General Motors, Ford, Pentair Pools and Invacare.


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