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Justice for Hazel!

Posted by Dev Sethi | Nov 12, 2015 | 1 Comment

Hazel the Dog - home forever.

We like to share our victories.  And today I celebrate an important one.

My clients share a common thread -- the need to access the justice system is thrust upon them.  It is not of their choosing.  While I am typically helping a client navigate the impact of a life-altering injury caused by someone's bad and unreasonable acts, this case was a little different; though the stakes were equally high.

I represented the owner of sweet Hazel the Dog, a small dachshund.  She was gifted Hazel by her sister's then boyfriend, who had the obligation of the dog thrust on him after the death of a friend.  It was clear that he had no interest in caring for Hazel, and he was happy to have found a loving, caring home for her.  All was good in the story, which all sounds ripped from the pages of a Tom Perrotta novel, until the romance hit the rocks.  You can guess what happened next...long after making the gift, he demanded Hazel back. 

When that didn't work, he escalated things -- filing a police report.  When that went nowhere, he hired a lawyer and convinced her to file a Replevin action.  For those of you who are not currently first year law students, a Replevin action is a legal action to recover personal property.  Once served with the Replevin, Hazel's owner found her way to my office.

I heard the story and wanted to help.  We tried and tried...and tried sort this out privately.  Hazel's owner even offered to pay him for her own dog, just to make this go away.  That went nowhere.

Today, after a series of legal motions and (wholly unjustified and unnecessary) legal wrangling, I am happy to report that Hazel is home with her rightful owner, safe and sound.  We secured a complete victory for our client, and her human owner.  The court also awarded 100% of our requested fees.

For me, it's nice that this win comes during the season of Diwali, an Indian holiday that celebrates the triumph of good over evil -- light over darkness. Though there are often starts and stops – and curlicues – good always wins out in the end.



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Dev Sethi litigates and tries a wide-range of complex injury and death cases throughout Arizona. He has Martindale Hubbell's highest rating, AV, and he is listed in "Best Lawyers." Dev is also recognized as an Arizona Super Lawyer in the area of plaintiff's products liability litigation.Dev has been at the forefront of auto product defect litigation. He played a key role in uncovering the Goodyear Load Range E tire scandal and worked to hold Ford Motor Company responsible for the danger posed by their now notorious 15-passenger vans. Dev is currently representing families in product liability suits against the nation's largest corporations including General Motors, Ford, Pentair Pools and Invacare.


Amanda SafferReply

Posted Nov 14, 2015 at 06:41:14

What a bizarre and unique case for you to handle. You grasped it with complete professionalism and humanity and the outcome was the right one. Thank you for being such an outstanding person and attorney! We are forever grateful!

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