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Stem Cell Therapy: Fact or Fraud?

Posted by Peter Akmajian | Dec 12, 2018 | 0 Comments

A giant color glossy flier arrived in my mail advertising stem cell therapy seminars taking place all over Southern Arizona.  According to this advertisement, stem cell therapy will cure just about anything—knee pain, back pain, neuropathy, COPD and osteoarthritis.  The brochure screamed out “Discover a life free of pain!”.  It proclaimed that “these revolutionary treatment options can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”.  
Indeed, we are told that these “regenerative treatments” take care of problems “due to age, disease and defects.”  Yes, according to this flier, stem cell therapy is a miracle cure that basically reverses the aging process itself—a veritable Fountain of Youth.
If you think this all sounds too good to be true, you're right.  The FDA has warned of the dangers of claims such as these.  See:
Several news outlets have exposed fraud involved in stem cell clinics.  See:

These news items tell troubling stories of patients plunking down thousands and thousands of dollars for unproven stem cell injections.  Based on the mass mailing and glossy brochures, it unfortunately appears many have fallen for this pitch.
The fact is, there is no science behind these claims.  Don't be fooled by these snake oil salesmen.  The human body does not “regenerate” by injecting stem cells.  The plain fact is there are no miracle cures.
Part of the problem here is that if you are harmed by this unproven treatment, it is very likely you will have no recourse.  Those administering such treatments are probably not doctors and may have not have any type of malpractice insurance.  They're undoubtedly fly-by-night and will disappear.  Further, the treatment will be considered experimental.
My advice:  throw these glossy ads right in the recycling bin.

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